Interview with Volcafe’s Sustainability Manager Reena Eddiks

Earlier this year, USAID Green Invest Asia spoke to Reena Eddiks, sustainability manager for one of the world’s largest global trading houses of coffee, Volcafe, to learn more about the company’s [...]

Southeast Asia’s businesswomen ride coffee’s third wave: study in four emerging economies

BANGKOK, May 29, 2019— Dozens of women-led and owned coffee businesses in Southeast Asia are featured in a new study conducted by USAID Green Invest Asia, in collaboration with the International [...]

Seeking innovation in food and agricultural sustainability

The six-year running Responsible Business Forum on food and agriculture has turned into such a reunion that the event moderator of the most recent forum in Bangkok on March 26 and 27 advised the [...]

Are women the sustainability champions we urgently need?

By Caterina Meloni[1] and Jessica Robinson[2] From air to water to land, Southeast Asia continues to grapple with some of the world’s toughest environmental challenges. Worsening chronic air [...]

Rubber hits the road: Private sector dialogue on sustainable rubber in Vietnam

HO CHI MINH CITY, December 4, 2018 – Planes, trains, automobiles, the soles of your running shoes, motorbikes. From tires to tubing and rainwear to radio sets, rubber – quite literally – [...]


Changing business as usual: How sustainable investment promotes sustainable land use

This article was originally published by Asian Venture Philanthropy Network and is republished with permission. By Jim Jarvie, Natcha Tulyasuwan and David Venn (USAID Green Invest Asia). At the [...]



Incentivizing and scaling private investment for sustainable land use in Asia

This article was originally published by Responsible Business Forum and is republished with permission. By Yohann Formont and Natcha Tulyasuwan (USAID Green Invest Asia). Right now, all across [...]

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