Partner Profiles

How we have and are supporting our partner companies/projects


USAID Green Invest Asia facilitated a multi-million dollar equity investment into Grandis Timber Ltd., which cultivates high-quality, low-cost ethical furniture-grade hardwood in Cambodia’s Kampong Speu province. It is the country’s first and only plantation to maintain Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification since 2013. Grandis Timber’s 3,700-hectare mostly teak plantation provides a rare source of sustainable timber from an emerging economy. For more information, download here.


Cassia Co-op is a sustainable cinnamon sourcing, processing and exporting business located in the world’s largest Cassia (type of cinnamon) production area in Kerinci, Sumatra, Indonesia. USAID Green Invest Asia is supporting Cassia to boost its intercropping production to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, through linking it to potential investors to scale up operations. For more information, download here.